Front End Alignment

Front End Alignment

I used to see this verse as a “tsk, tsk,” verse, one that rapped my knuckles for asking for stuff God would never give me. “Steve, stop asking for so much, son! You’re just being greedy, boy.”

Not anymore. I now see this verse as an invitation to ask for more, much more, the MORE that aligns with the eternal purpose of God.

When I pray only to indulge MY passions, I am praying far below the potential inherent to prayer. But when I align with HIS passion, divine passion, eternal passion, kingdom passion, then I tap into the limitless power of prayer.

And the really cool thing is that MY passions are fulfilled when I seek HIS passions. For his passions are fundamentally what my soul craves, anyway.

Think of Hannah. Her passion was a son. God’s passion was a prophet. When she aligned her prayers with God’s passion, she also received HER passion. Pretty cool, huh?!

So I ask and do not receive when I settle for less, when I pray only for MY passions. But I receive all I ask for and more when I pray in alignment with divine passion.

Today, start prayer with a front end alignment. Start prayer by asking God HOW to pray. And if you cannot sense how to pray, then pray in the Spirit, for the Holy Spirit will pray for you when you don’t know how to pray for yourself.

It’s all good!

Speak Your Peace

Speak Your Peace