“Where did I leave my glasses?”

“Where did I leave my glasses?”

Jeana and I often ask each other, “Where did you leave your glasses?” Funny thing is, neither of us wears glasses. Yet we ask the question often.  

Here’s how such a strange question got started.  

We were listening to a message by Bill Johnson about living and walking in daily peace, and Bill made a powerful statement about learning to look back when you realize you are anxious to find the moment when peace was lost. When did I become anxious? What was I doing when the fear came in? Where was I when my peace evaporated? Was it a phone call? Was it a news story on TV? Was it when I checked my bank balance? What made me lose sight of my peace?

Bill told us to locate the precise moment we lost our peace and identify the lie we believed in that moment. Then, Bill said, repent for believing the lie and renounce the lie. Finally, replace the lie with God’s truth. That will restore your peace.

Pretty amazing, huh?  

Here’s a handy how-to:

* REMEMBER when you lost your peace

* REVEAL the lie you believed

* REPENT for partnering with the lie

* RENOUNCE the lie

* REPLACE the lie with God’s truth 

(Who else loves alliteration? Just blesses me richly.)

When we heard this word, Jeana immediately said that losing your peace is sort of like losing your glasses, and from that moment on, it stuck in our house. If I can’t see clearly, if anxiety has blinded me to the reality of God’s goodness, if I am stumbling around the house tripping over my own fear, then I need to stop and ask, “Where did I leave my glasses? Where did I leave my vision of God’s goodness? Where did I leave my peace?”

That’s a pretty cool word. And it has helped us over and over to rediscover our faith-focus.

Maybe it will help you, too. When you feel distressed, overwhelmed and afraid, just ask yourself, “Where did I leave my glasses?” Trace your thoughts and words back to the moment where peace was lost. Identify the lie you believed in that moment, renounce that darn lie and proclaim God’s truth in its place. When you do, it will be like you put on your glasses—your spec-tickles, as my dad used to say!—and you will see again the world around you in light of God’s truth. And God’s truth always restores peace.   

Now, go find your glasses!

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