“You thought you were who they said you were.”

“You thought you were who they said you were.”

How would you like for God to break the fear of man off of you today? You know what, if that’s what you need today, then I declare the promise of God over you: “Perfect love casts out fear: fear of man, be broken today!” 

Here’s why this matters so much to me. I was paralyzed by the fear of man. But the goodness of God—his love and unconditional acceptance—broke it off of me. I believe he will do the same for you. 

I remember in January of 2011, the Lord Jesus spoke a clear word to me:

“You thought you were who they said you were, but I am going to show you who you are before me.”

And thus began an eight-year (so far) journey of self-discovery in Christ. He set me on an identity quest.

I discovered to my dismay that my confidence arose from the approval of others, that it was actually self-confidence rooted in fear: fear of failure, fear of being unknown, fear of insignificance. Due to my fear of man, my success was dependent on their approval. And when the approval went away, my confidence collapsed.

It wasn’t pretty.

But then Jesus started rebuilding my identity in him. He taught me—rather, he is teaching me!—that my identity flows from who he says I am rather than my performance.

Just as Jesus learned who he was from the voice of the Father (“This is my beloved Son!”); and just as Jesus refused to prove who he was to a mocking Adversary by turning stones to bread; so the Father began to teach me to rest in his word over me rather than attempting to prove my identity and worth through performance.

I don’t have to turn stones to bread (grow a church, make money, get that new job, drive that expensive car, live in that certain neighborhood—fill in the blank!) to prove who I am now. I have nothing to prove. I am a son of God because the Father says I am. And that’s enough!

Think about the areas of your life where you are controlled by what people think of you. Think about how the approval of others dominates you. It may be family, it may be friends, it may be co-workers. It may even be your own imagination conjuring up ideas about you that others don’t even have.

Whatever and however it works for you, the fear of man is debilitating, and the Holy Spirit declares today that the fear of man is broken! In Jesus’ name, accept deliverance now.

Every demonic spirit that exploits your fear must go.

Every controlling person that lives like a parasite off your energy must stand back.

God is giving you grace to say “no” to controllers. He is giving you grace to live free from the fear of man. The approval of others is a mind-drug from which Jesus sets you free right now! Be delivered in Jesus’ name.

Live free.

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